Metrolinx/GO Transit
GO Transit Streetsville Bus Facility

Address (Map): 6190 Mississauga Rd, Streetsville, Ontario L5N 1A7 Canada
Sector: Transportation
MCW Office: Toronto
Status: Complete

Project Description

The Streetsville Bus Garage is a 20,264m2 bus storage and maintenance facility for GO Transit. It accommodates administration offices, meeting rooms, fitness area, training rooms, indoor bus storage, maintenance facilities, and a service area consisting of a bus wash and fuel facility.
This project has achieved LEED Silver certification.
The building is designed to save over 40 per cent over standard energy codes. Design features include: light concrete and in-slab radiant heating; highly insulated roofs and windows; occupancy-based lighting; low-irrigation green roof over administration areas; reflective white roof for bus storage area; low-flow plumbing fixtures; finishes with reduced levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs); high-speed automatic doors to curtail heating loss; and bicycle storage facilities to reduce employee automobile use.

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GO Transit Streetsville Bus Facility