Winnipeg Art Gallery
Winnipeg Art Gallery

Address (Map): 300 Memorial Boulevard, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 1V1 Canada
Sector: Institutional
Delivery Type: Design-Bid-Build
MCW Office: Winnipeg
Status: Complete
Sub Categories: Museums and Art Galleries

Project Description

The Winnipeg Art Gallery is one of Canada’s eminent art museums. Founded in 1912, it was the nations’ first civic gallery, and remains the foremost gallery in the Prairie provinces. The present gallery building, triangular in shape and constructed of Manitoba Tyndall stone, was opened in 1971. In addition to eight exhibition galleries, the building contains a 320-seat auditorium, an elegant penthouse restaurant overlooking the rooftop sculpture garden, a library, and extensive meeting and lecture space.
The Gallery’s collection includes over 20,000 works of art ranging from 16th century Flemish tapestries to 20th century videos. Although the emphasis is on the collection of Canadian and Manitoba artists, the Gallery holdings including extensive European work as well. The Winnipeg Art Gallery also proudly houses the world’s largest collection of contemporary Inuit art. The Gallery mounts approximately 25 exhibitions a year, many of which tour nationally and internationally, establishing the reputation of Canadian artists throughout North and South America and Europe.

Mechanical Systems Description:

As an integral part of the Design Team, MCW provided input for the thermal and vapour barrier capacity of the Gallery to develop a unique skin function.
The gallery mechanical systems were designed to maintain the space at world standards of constant temperature and humidity. The application of adiabatic air washers resulted in stable supply air conditions, resulting in stable supply air conditions throughout the ambient variations –35°C to +30°C. Spot tempering of heating and humidification complete the full psychometric process. The systems as originally designed have achieved Class IV conditions for galleries.

The late John Martin, one of the original founding members of MCW, and Engineer of Record on the Winnipeg Art Gallery, had this to say about the project:
Unique HVAC design concepts were used to achieve excellent temperature and humidity control – something that most North American art galleries could not achieve at that time.

  • Cast iron gas fired steam boilers provide heat and humidification.
  • Centrifugal chillers provide cooling.
  • Central air stations with spray coils supply air through fibreglass ducts which eliminate sound transfer through duct systems. High efficiency filters and spray coils achieve excellent air cleanliness.
  • Gallery floor uses exterior wall cavity to return air resulting in room temperature exterior wall surfaces and eliminates perimeter heating apparatus. Constant temperature and humidity on all wall surfaces is achieved.
  • Crawlspace ventilation is with relief air.
  • Chiller retrofit – 2000 by MCW Consultants

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