University of Manitoba
University of Manitoba Central Energy Plant

Address (Map): 33 Maclean Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 6B3 Canada
Sector: Central Plants
Delivery Type: Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)
MCW Office: Winnipeg
Status: In Construction

Project Description

This project involved the conversion of a 2-storey machine shop to a single storey powerhouse. Mechanical works included the installation of two 30MWATT steam boilers, economisers, insulated chimneys, steam pipe connections to distribution system, and fuel supply connections. Electrical works included all power and control wiring connections. Structural works involved construction of a steel frame in the basement supported on piles to reinforce the main floor to support the new steam boilers together with modifications to super structure and roof. Architectural work involved all works involved in the building conversion and code compliance issues. MCW were the Lead Consultants on the project. 

Originally, the project involved a future needs assessment report to identify essential repairs / replacements and upgrades to maintain district heat supply. However, a major failure of one of the steam boilers indicated immediate replacement and this involved the installation of  two (2) 73,000 lbs/h steam boilers including ancillary works, erection of chimneys, combustion air, and automatic control systems.  MCW acted as Prime Consultants, employing structural and architectural disciplines and providing project management.

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University of Manitoba Central Energy Plant