BC Housing
Housing Renovation Partnership EPC

Address (Map): 4555 Kingsway, Vancouver, British Columbia V5H 4V8 Canada
Sector: Residential
Delivery Type: Energy Performance Contract
MCW Office: Vancouver
Status: Complete
Sub Categories: High Rise, Low Rise

Project Description

BC Housing committed to undertake a comprehensive Energy Performance Contract and Building Renewal Program, referred to as the 'Housing Renovation Partnership'. The project aimed to reduce energy and water consumption, operating costs, and, to the fullest extent possible, a 50% reduction in GHG emissions. MCW’s solution incorporated steps to meet those goals and included a unique guaranteed reduction target for CO2 emissions.

While dealing with a wide range of building types, ages, and stages of general repair, MCW developed a program which combined infrastructure renewal with aggressive carbon reduction strategies throughout 171 buildings.

Project Highlights:

  • 2,453 Apartment Units positively-affected by improvements on this project
  • Major focus on facility renewal measures paid for through energy savings - $31 million of the total value of the work was designed to address building condition and improve living conditions for tenants while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.
  • Project greatly assisted BC Housing in meeting Climate Action Legislation: Greenhouse Reduction Targets Act.
  • Provides a blueprint for integrating building renewal needs within an energy performance contract.  

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Housing Renovation Partnership EPC