Metrolinx/GO Transit
GO Transit East Gwillimbury Bus Maintenance Facility

Address (Map): 8 Garfield Wright Blvd, Gwillimbury, Ontario L0G Canada
Sector: Transportation
Delivery Type: Design Build
MCW Office: Toronto
Status: Complete

Project Description

The facility has a storage capacity of 36 buses inside and four buses outside. It also includes service bays for fuelling, bus wash, inspection, building support areas including equipment and storage rooms as well as staff facilities and parking. The building has achieved LEED Gold accreditation with its energy-efficient features including bus wash water recycling and other green initiatives

Mechanical Systems Description:

Maintenance bays, utilizing a combination of built-in hoists, mobile hoists and inspection pits for all aspects of bus fleet maintenance including: Engine repair and overhauls; Electronics repairs and Interior cleaning and upholstery repairs.

Electrical Systems Description:

Special care was given to improve, enhance and include more energy efficient lighting system within the facility. The first major step was to utilize LED lighting for the building exterior. We utilized LED lighting for the majority of the interior spaces. This has resulted in more energy efficient operation and contributed to the sustainability of the building.

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GO Transit East Gwillimbury Bus Maintenance Facility

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