The City of Kingston
City-Wide EPC

Address (Map): 216 Ontario St., Kingston, Ontario K7L 2Z3 Canada
Sector: Municipal
Delivery Type: Energy Performance Contract
MCW Office: Toronto
Status: Complete
Sub Categories: Government

Project Description

The City of Kingston contracted MCW in 2008 to develop an Investment-Grade Feasibility Study that outlined the energy conversation measures, capital improvements, and overall efficiencies available to the City across 37 City facilities including offices, arenas, and other special-purposes buildings.

Once completed, the Study was a roadmap for implementing the recommended program through an Energy Performance Contract. MCW led the three-year retrofit implementation process and provided energy savings reporting to verify that savings were on track and exceeding MCW's guaranteed savings target.

Project Highlights:

  • Virtually every municipal government facility type included in scope, including the historic City Hall and Kingston's K-Rock Arena
  • Major Lighting retrofits and redesigns that reduce electricity demand and consumption, and improve lighting levels through extensive use of LEDs, occupancy sensors, and improved controls systems
  • Over 11,000 m3 of annual water savings driven by ice plant controls upgrades, appliance replacements, low-flow water fixtures, and more

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City-Wide EPC