Metro Vancouver
Annacis Research Centre

Address (Map): 1400 Lindsey Pl, Delta, British Columbia V3M6V1 Canada
Sector: Industrial
Delivery Type: Design Build
MCW Office: Vancouver
Status: Complete

Project Description

This new building, adjacent to the Annacis Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, is part of a network of academies to achieve a more sustainable Metro Vancouver. This building focuses on changing the public perception of wastewater. It includes research and lab areas, classrooms, and offices. The goals include attracting and enabling leading-edge academic and applied research, as well as post-secondary training opportunities with academic institutions.

Mechanical Systems Description:

MCW's mechanical designs include an energy recovery dedicated outdoor air system, demand control ventilation, and a water-to-water heat recovery heat pump system that draws on effluent from the adjacent wastewater treatment plant as the primary heating and cooling source for the building. A rainwater catchment system provides water for toilet and urinal flushing.

Electrical Systems Description:

MCW's electrical systems include solar-powered site lighting, an electric vehicle charging station, and provisions for future photovoltaic panels.

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