Grande Prairie School District
Maude Clifford School

Address (Map): 9206 Lakeland Dr, Grande Prairie, Alberta T8X0J4 Canada
Sector: Educational
Delivery Type: Design-Bid-Build
MCW Office: Edmonton
Status: Complete
Sub Categories: Elementary School, Secondary School

Project Description

This new 3,600 m2 elementary core school was designed for the Crystal Lake subdivision of Grande Prairie is registered for a LEED® Silver rating. To achieve this, a number of features were incorporated into its design, including a displacement ventilation system to maintain air quality, reduced water use with low or no water plumbing fixtures, optimized energy usage with high efficiency boilers, air-to-air heat recovery systems (enthalpy wheel), and variable frequency drives, DDC (Direct Digital Controls) for scheduled use of energy-related building systems, including sensors monitoring CO2 levels with feedback to adjust ventilation rates according to occupancy and activity levels. The school was officially opened in late 2009 and is currently occupied. Hemisphere’s fundamental commissioning of its building systems was essentially complete as of summer 2010, and the final commissioning manual was submitted in fall 2010 for LEED® certification.


LEED® Silver Certified

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Maude Clifford School

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