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Electrical Infrastructure Design Solutions for Power Transmission and Distribution for Utility, Industrial, Commercial and Institutional clients.


MCW AGE Power Consultants are a single source for high voltage engineering design. We’re a committed team of electrical and mechanical professional consulting engineers, providing utility, industrial, commercial and institutional clients with conceptual design, detailed design and project management services for transmission and distribution projects including project and construction management, electrical and mechanical design (low and high voltage), protection and control, utility services related civil/structural design and telecom/SCADA.

In 1999, MCW acquired AGE Engineering to meet the changing demands of the electrical marketplace and provide a complete electrical infrastructure design package. Since that time, our continued expansion and diversification of expertise has also allowed us to expand our services into the utility market.

Specific expertise includes treatment of harmonics, voltage quality and stability, power factor correction, grounding, protective relaying, AC power transmission and distribution.
Our team of experts has been assembled from a wide variety of backgrounds and key associations to ensure that a complete cross-section of proficiency is available to our customers.
Our experienced team of professionals possesses a thorough knowledge of all applicable codes, operating practices and utility requirements including NERC, FERC, NPCC regulations and IESO market rules.

“The team at MCW brings a high level of professionalism and commitment to their projects.”
— Satisfied MCW AGE Power client

Quick Facts

  • 20
    Over 20 years of service to Canadian and International Utilities
  • 800
    Consulting and Development Services for over 800MW of Renewable Energy Projects
  • 12
    Service Provider to Over a Dozen Major Canadian Utilities and LDCs

Our Services

  • Power System Analysis & Quality Studies

    • Conventional load flow and harmonic load flow studies
    • Electro-magnetic transient analysis
    • Magnetic field studies
    • Power factor and harmonic studies (include compensation solutions)
    • Power quality monitoring using Dranetz Power Analyzers
    • Static VAR Voltage compensation studies
    • System frequency response studies
  • Overhead Transmission/Distribution Lines

    • Conductor specifications
    • Design of new lines and refurbishment of aged lines (25kV to 500kV)
    • Grounding design
    • Lightning protection
    • Route selection and survey
    • System optimisation
    • System protection
    • Voltage regulation studies
    • Wood and steel tower structure and hardware designs
  • Underground Transmission/Distribution Lines

    • Determine ambient conditions (soil types, temperatures, special crossings)
    • Determine and design joint locations and cable terminations points
    • Determine optimum cable route layout (direct buried, duct banks, directional drillings,   tunnels, any combination)
    • Determine preferred route (based on technical, environmental and cost impacts)
    • Obtain load transfer requirements (MVA, V, I sc)
    • Obtain stakeholder route approval (utilities, jurisdictions, private owners)
    • Prepare cable specifications
    • Prepare layout and arrangement of terminating area
  • Station

    • Alternative preliminary designs of new and extension to existing substations
    • Design and development of integrated communications and protective relaying and
    • Design cable raceway (trench or conduit) within substation yard
    • Feasibility studies and design reviews
    • Prepare civil, structural, mechanical and electrical designs
    • Prepare designs for substation grounding grids to control the ground potential rise, step and touch potentials, to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel
    • Prepare detailed electrical design including: optimisation of substation bus design, ampacity calculations, three wire diagrams, wiring connection diagrams, power cable arrangement, station services AC and DC, building services
    • Prepare equipment layout arrangements for substation yard and control building
  • Protection and Control

    • Asset condition evaluation and report on protection and control and communication equipment
    • Determine fault calculations and protective relay settings for all relays as specified in the design
    • Prepare detailed protection and control design specifications
    • Prepare elementary/connection wiring diagrams
    • Prepare protective relaying coordination study and relay settings
    • Prepare short circuit calculations
    • Testing & commissioning complete with in-service report
  • Specialized Services

    • Load flow, system stability, voltage transient system modelling using computer program
  • Project & Construction Management

    • Analyze design proposals and purchasing strategies
    • Establish core team including customer representation
    • Liaise with agencies and regulators
    • Prepare budgetary estimates and project schedules
    • Prepare project execution plan
    • Provide preliminary engineering for selected alternative proposals
  • Equipment and Software

    • ACR data loggers
    • AutoCAD 2006 - Drawing production
    • Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
    • Dranetz Power Analyzers
    • EDSA design and analysis software
    • Fluke Harmonics Analyzers
    • LEM Ground testing equipment
    • MS Office 2003
    • MS Project 2003
    • PLSCAD Pole Line Design
    • PSCAD/EMTDC Electro-Magnetic Transient Simulator
  • Prepare tendering documents

    • Coordinate preparation of environmental specifications
    • Obtain necessary permits and approvals from appropriate authorities on behalf of the client
    • Prepare commissioning procedures
    • Prepare project specifications including work and payment schedules, labour requirements, contract commercial conditions and project milestones
  • Analyze tenders

    • Arrange pre-award meetings with acceptable bidders to finalize technical and commercial aspects and schedules
    • Prepare a commercial and technical bid review
    • Recommend successful bidder
  • Construct

    • Arrange training
    • Prepare as-constructed documentatio
    • Provide contract administration
    • Provide project close out
    • Provide project monitoring
    • Provide testing and commissioning
    • Put in place a work progress and an earned value report, quality control and environmental monitoring and customer reporting program