BC Hydro
Tatogga Iskut Distribution Line Project

Address (Map): , Iskut, British Columbia V0J 1K0 Canada
Sector: Major Utilities
MCW Office: Winnipeg
Status: Complete
Sub Categories: Overhead Distribution, Underground Distribution

Project Description

An overhead 15kM, 25 kV, 3-Ph distribution line connecting new Tatogga substation to the town of Iskut. The town was previously serviced from a diesel generation substation of Eddontenajon. The new Tatogga substation is on NTL.

MCW had design, project management, professional of record and coordinating engineer roles for this project. The deliverables were overhead line design, underground feeder design from the substation, protection settings, fuses, cut-outs designs, design for an active slide area, and consideration of numerous archeological and environmental sites.

One unique challenge in this project was an active slide area. To design as per standards and as per requirements of other stakeholders a safety by design process was adopted. This is a systematic risk analysis method to come up with an optimal design. All stakeholders were engaged and educated on the process. MCW’s designed and engineered special structures, longer spans, provision to isolate the line in care of slide and made provisions for other slide remediation work. The project was awarded the Bob Elton Safety-by-Design award.

MCW also has been actively engaged in the tender process for this project. MCW PM & POR were on the selection committee to help put together the tender, evaluate the bids and award process.

Professional of records duties required regular site visits, recording of the deficiencies, producing as builds, sign declarations for the project.

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Tatogga Iskut Distribution Line Project

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