Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology
Mohawk E-Learning Centre

Address (Map): 135 Fennel Avenue West, Hamilton, Ontario L9C3N8 Canada
Sector: Educational
Delivery Type: Design-Bid-Build
MCW Office: Toronto
Status: Complete
Sub Categories: College & University

Project Description

Electronic Learning Centre at Mohawk College. The 3 level building has become the college’s “front door” off of Fennell Avenue and has provided a covered link to the central hub of the college. This has resulted improved circulation between the various buildings on campus. The Learning Centre houses 10 classrooms and an electronic learning centre combined with library function, where students can gather to study in the new electronic era with wireless services provided throughout, or the more traditional paper based books. The main services are connected to the central plant which is currently being upgraded as part of a separate MCW CES project. This building is LEED Gold accredited.

Mechanical Systems Description:

Careful attention was paid to minimizing thermal bridging, which often allows heat to bypass the insulating components within a wall, and typically results in poorer energy performance. The roofing consists of reflective (white) and green roof surfaces. Where students and faculty have access to the roof on the terrace, a green roof has been planted using native or adaptive species. This is one of the most environmentally sustainable buildings in the City of Hamilton. A Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DAOS) provides fresh air that has been tempered with an enthalpy recovery wheel. The building is heated with radiant floor system and cooled through an efficient variable air-based system, ensuring it is conditioned to optimize occupant comfort. The combination of a well-designed building envelope and efficient mechanical and electrical systems resulted in a roughly 40% energy cost saving over its lifetime, relative to a MNECB reference building. To ensure actual energy performance, measurement and verification program monitors each energy-related system (lighting, hot water, fans, pumps, etc.) during 12 months of operation. If the energy consumption of any system is higher than anticipated, it will be identified and corrected, resulting in an optimally performing building.

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Mohawk E-Learning Centre

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