City of Edmonton
Edmonton Valley Zoo Makira Outpost

Address (Map): 13315 Buena Vista Road, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2R7 Canada
Sector: Entertainment
Delivery Type: Design-Bid-Build
MCW Office: Edmonton
Status: Complete
Awards: Valley Zoo Lemur Pavilion, Edmonton AB
Sub Categories: Zoos

Project Description

Makira Outpost, the Valley Zoo Lemur Pavilion, was commissioned by the City of Edmonton to create a prosimian living environment housing four different types of lemurs year round. MCW Hemisphere designed both the electrical and mechanical components of this exhibit. The space includes both indoor and outdoor exhibition areas with animal bridges providing regular access between them. The outdoor exhibit is surrounded by a fenced-in moat enclosing the perimeter.

Conceived of as a large breezeway, the indoor viewing area as an extension of the outdoor viewing becomes an integral part to the overall circulation of the exhibit allowing free movement inside and out. The use of glass in the indoor viewing area provides year round access to natural light via glass walls, maximizing the passive solar gain experienced in the winter, while roof overhangs shade the glass in the hot summer months. The indoor exhibition area also mimics a natural environment for the lemurs. This is achieved by design of the roof supports and floor and wall treatments, all of which contribute to the natural feeling of the exhibition spaces.


  • Consulting Engineers of Alberta, Showcase Award of Merit, 2009

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Edmonton Valley Zoo Makira Outpost

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