Canadian Mennonite University
CMU Marpeck Commons

Address (Map): 2299 Grant Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3P 2N2 Canada
Sector: Educational
Delivery Type: Design-Bid-Build
MCW Office: Winnipeg
Status: Complete
Sub Categories: College & University

Project Description

Completed in 2015, Marpeck Commons houses Canadian Mennonite University’s new 10,000 sq. ft. library and creates a new hub for the campus with a bookstore, coffee and snack bar, and student study areas. The range of activities links the learning of the classroom with cutting edge research techniques.

A new skywalk spanning Grant Avenue connects the Marpeck Commons and campus buildings on the north side of the property to the campus buildings on the south side of CMU’s campus, creating a hub on both sides and makes the bridge an important component in enhancing safety and accessibility.

The Marpeck Commons grounds include 100 new trees, a naturalized pond, a low fence and gentle pathways that will welcome community members in.

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CMU Marpeck Commons

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