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MCW Appoints new Partners, Principals, and Associates to Leadership

December 12, 2022

MCW Group of Companies announces the promotion of four new Partners, three Principals, and two Associates. These employees have exemplified commitment, management, and technical expertise, and will bring leadership at the highest level for their respective offices across Canada.

“The partnership is thrilled to recognize these individuals who demonstrate MCW’s core values, as well as a passion for providing outstanding service to our valued clients,” says Executive Partner, David Bellamy. “We wish them continued success in their careers, and look forward to supporting them in their new roles within the firm.”

Please join us in celebrating our Winter 2022 promotions!


Marc Melanson | Moncton

Marc joined our Moncton office in April 2008 as a junior mechanical engineer from the Universite de Moncton. Over the last 14 years, his duties have evolved to include a wide degree of energy modeling, energy auditing, report development, mechanical design, and project management, all while providing mentorship and support to the MCW team. The valuable knowledge he has gained over his career inspires confidence in the employees he manages, allowing them to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

Agustin Olt | Toronto

Agustin joined MCW in 2016 as an EIT, and since that time, he has rapidly developed technical, leadership, and management expertise. He has worked to continually innovate within the Toronto office, including the evolution of office documentation and processes. Agustin’s outgoing nature, positivity, and business mindset allows him to inspire his team and colleagues to continuously improve MCW services and client relations.

Collin Vaness | Vancouver

With over 20 years of international experience, Collin is an industry leader in the delivery of complex, innovative projects with a commitment to sustainability, energy modelling, and decarbonization. He has worked to expand MCW’s client base in Vancouver, and has a passion for personal and team professional development. Collin is continually mentoring his team, and is always looking for meaningful ways to contribute to the engineering community, as well as MCW internal processes.

Dave Jurkowski | Winnipeg

As a leader within the Winnipeg mechanical group, Dave is a problem-solver by nature, and a conscientious decision-making, learning from some of the city’s best contractors, and constantly improving his design and management skills. He is well-respected within the industry, with extensive experience on Indigenous projects. Dave’s patient, calm demeanor makes him the perfect leader to mentor employees and manage office procedures.


Mark McVan | Toronto

Mark joined MCW in 2013, and specializes in detailed building energy modelling, and has worked on some of the most high profile projects in Toronto. As the technical lead and manager within the Toronto energy modelling team, Mark has become a well-rounded leader within the organization. His approachability and empathy demonstrates great skill with managing and mentoring the sustainability team. Mark is innovative, and always open to new ideas to evolve MCW’s sustainability offerings. As he moves into the role of Principal, he will continue to advance his project management, staff mentoring, financial understanding, and business acumen within energy modelling, sustainability, and the greater MCW team.

Mark Furtado | Toronto

Throughout Mark’s tenure with MCW, he has continually developed his managerial and leadership skills. He is Toronto’s Revit and BIM 360 subject matter expert, and his responsibilities have evolved to include managing project workflow, and assisting in implementation of engineering standards nationwide. Mark is a big-picture thinker, and his calm and composed demeanor allows his team can thrive under his leadership.

Sarmad Gorial | Toronto

With a background in both architecture and mechanical design, Sarmad provides a unique perspective to every project he works on. He is a meticulous problem-solver, and works diligently to find the best possible solution to every project challenge that presents itself. This has resulted in strong client relationships, and a deep understanding of the buildings industry in Toronto. In addition to his technical and personal skills, Sarmad is a personable and patient mentor, and naturally takes charge of any situation to ensure he is leading his team forward in the right direction.


Louise Goguen | Moncton

Louise has worked in MCW’s Moncton office since 2008, and has developed extensive knowledge working in project management, providing leadership and support to her team. Her expertise includes utility data and GHG analysis, project coordination and logistics, report development, as well as measurement and verification. She is the go-to person for Moncton’s energy team, and is always willing to mentor staff members to ensure they are learning the necessary skills to be successful in their career.

Cameron Dahl | Winnipeg

With over 30 years of experience in mechanical and electrical construction, Cam has developed outstanding technical, managerial, and leadership skills. He originally joined MCW in 2004, and spent 10 years with the firm before leaving to pursue a career on the client side. He found his way back to MCW, and has extensive experience on educational, commercial, and industrial projects. His unparalleled knowledge of design and integration of both M&E systems enables him to garner the trust and respect of everyone he works with.